The Center for Teaching Support (CTS), in commemoration of Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary and African Union Day, Presents: “Decolonising Mind and Action, Improving Teaching and Impact in Higher Education: Reflections in Ghana”. This seminar aims to build participants capacity to transform teaching practice, and learning in Higher Education, from one of passive engagement between lecturers and students to active engagement that produces meaningful learning, creativity and self-determination in students of African descent. Participants in the seminar will confront certain debilitative mindsets that militate against quality teaching in Higher Education in the post-colonial period; specifically, negative mindsets and resulting pedagogical actions shaped by the rippling effect of the legacy of colonial teacher education in Africa. Participants will be challenged to disrupt colonial mindsets, which impede meaningful teaching and learning. FIRST SESSION: “Colonial Mindsets in Higher Education Teaching: Influences on Teaching Philosophy, Pedagogical Stance and Teaching Impact.” Speaker: Prof. George K.T. Oduro; Associate Professor of Educational Leadership Development, UCC SECOND SESSION: “Disrupting Colonial Mindsets in 21st Century Higher Education Teaching: The Power of Critiquing Colonial Paradigms and Engaging Reflective Thinking about Thoughts and Action” Speaker: Prof. De-Valera NYM Botchway, Associate Professor of History (Africa and Africa Diaspora), UCC DATE: THURSDAY, 27TH APRIL 2017 TIME: 10.00AM - 1.00PM VENUE: School of Medical Sciences Auditorium, University of Cape Coast THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE INVITED TO THE PROGRAMME